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Please note that there are no ads and nothing is for sale. It only costs me $8 per month to host this site, a great value, although the slow serving of pages from budget hosting is the obvious drawback. I think you’d rather suffer a few extra seconds for a page to load than look at ads.

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You should assume this site uses cookies and other tracking devices, and your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of such. Cookies or tracking is a side effect of running a tangled mess of PHP, javascript, soft fonts, style sheets and javascript. Tracking by third-parties is to be expected. You can be sure that by visiting this site you are adding to the data in your online dossier. Information in my logs I usually ignore, but if something interests me, I will use it any way I see fit. If you send me an email through the contact form, certain data about your visit will be logged and I will use that information, mostly to help determine if I will reply.


Although there is some incidental safety information on various pages, teaching you how to be safe around electricity, tools, and chemicals is not the intent of this website. There’s no guarantee you’d read a web page about safety. It’s up to you to act safely and responsibly. But I do want you to know that electrical equipment can have hazardous voltages inside even with the power disconnected, and tools should be treated with care based on the injuries they can inflict, and chemicals should only be used according to their directions and with proper ventilation.

Adult Content

Do we need to mention this? What a world we find ourselves in. I try to restrain myself from using blue language on this website. If you find any, please let me know and I’ll run it past a group of my peers. If it fails the sniff test, I’ll remove it.


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